Train Up a Child

Train Your ChildAs the proverb goes,

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it

… Yeah, we like to start them young.

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Ready for Google Plus

BatteryStuff Google BannerHave you heard about the Google Plus movement? It might be the start of something big. We’re ready to ride that wave, how about you?

If you have a Google Account, then you are already set. On any page, you can now click the “+1” button on any page or Google Search result that you find worth sharing. All of your friends will be able to see what you think is worth viewing. Plus, you get to see what your friends think is cool, too.

If you haven’t already, check out our Google Plus + Profile!  And you can check out what we think is worth viewing!

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BatteryStuff for the Non-Powersports Rider

Here at BatteryStuff, the thing we sell the most is…well, you guessed it. Batteries.

While it’s true that we’re a leading provider in motorcycle, ATV, scooter, and watercraft batteries, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something for you, too. If you’re like me, you may not have a motorcycle or any other powersport vehicle. I have an automobile, and that’s pretty much it. While BatteryStuff may not specialize in car batteries (at least, not yet), I have found something to be very useful for my car.Booster Cables

Just the other day, my car battery died. It was…quite embarrassing having that happen if you know what I mean. But luckily for me, we sells Booster Cables, which I used to jump start my car when I needed it. I always knew they were handy, but it never occurred to me how important it would be to keep one in the truck of my car. Not just for my sake, but for helping those who were stranded like myself.

Did you also know that we also sell high powered Flashlights, Jump Packs, and other Emergency products? That’s something we all have in common. Have you ever had the power go out, and need to depend on battery powered equipment and appliances? Isn’t it pretty disappointing when you find a flashlight with dead batteries in it? BatteryStuff also carries your essential AA, AAA, C, and D Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteries. Emergencies happen to everybody, and we can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Solar PanelSo many people have found the Our Solar Panels to be a great alternative to standard energy. We offer a great variety of panels, in different sizes. We have panels as small as 2 Watts and as large as 127 Watts. Smaller solar panels are great for powering electrical devices such as cell phones and laptops for camping trips. Others use them on the dashboard of their vehicles to keep their car or truck battery maintained, especially when it’s not going to be driven for an extended period of time. The large panels produce enough power to charge large RV and Marine batteries or help with the power consumption of your home.

BatteryStuff is not just interested in providing quality products, we also believe in educating the customer and providing useful and relative information to everyone. We offer “how-to” videos, fully written tutorials, and a knowledge base with frequently asked question. Our tech line is also available if you have a question about any of our products. Just call 541-474-4421, Monday through Friday, 7AM – 4 PM PST.

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Hot Summer Sun

Hot Summer SunIs it just me, or is it hot outside? Remember, batteries can be damaged by extreme heat. If you can, keep your vehicles and batteries in the cool of the shade or indoors whenever possible. Solar panels, on the other hand, work best this time of year, if you know what I mean!

Have a great summer!

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Sunforce AC to DC 5.8 Amp Converter/Power Supply

Sunforce AC to DC 5.8 Amp converter/Power supplyThe SunForce 5.8 Amp 12 Volt power supply allows you to use your 12 v devices when you only have access to 120VAC power.  Use in hotels, at the office, or just at home for all your 12 volt devices. It is great for portable coolers, fans, cell phones, ipods, or portable heaters.

  • Powerful 5.8 amp output
  • Compact design is easy to store
  • Compatible with most 12 v devices
  • 1 year warranty
Technical Specifications

Length 4
Width 3.8
Height 9
Weight 1.7 LBS
Input 100-120 VAC 50-60 HZ 1.8A
Output 12 VDC 5.8A
Manufacturer: SunForce
Made In: China


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Father’s Day at Pottsville, Oregon

Father’s Day was last Sunday, and I had the opportunity to spend some of my afternoon at a little festival in Southern Oregon that we call, Pottsville. Here’s a quick rundown on what this place is:

An accumulation of Oregon’s past is what you will find at Pottsville.  Founded by Eugene Debbs Potts to commemorate Oregon’s Centennial in 1959, Pottsville is home to thousands of items commemorating Oregon’s history, from its legislative halls to the local logging woods. 

There was live music, food, shops, children’s events, and their famous tractor pull. I got to see some vintage John Deere tractors and some aged (and outdated) combustion engines that were still running strong. It’s a nice event for the agricultural community to show off their machines.

In the course of the gathering, my eye caught an interested sight. I walked in a hanger displaying some restored classic cars, and I looked up to see this 1967 125cc Montgomery Ward Motorcycle. 1967 Montgomery Ward 125 ccI couldn’t help but imagine what this bike would look like if restored. It was a tragic tale. An older woman had been driving it for years and her home was at the top of a hill. One day, the bike died on her. She really needed a vehicle to transport her home, so she intended to fix it. But all of her mechanic friends recommended she trash it and buy one of them new and snazzy bikes. So, she put the bike on the side of a road accompanied by a sign that read $50.

Fortunately, the bike was donated to the Eugene Debbs Potts Foundation instead, and is now on display for the public to see. It’s nice to have a place like Pottsville. The people here are dedicated to displaying local history and preserving their way of life. Check out Pottsville for more information.

I had a wonderful father’s day, and my son really enjoyed the show, too!

by: James Ville
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Shorai Installation Video

Shorai Lithium LFX eXtreme-Rate Powersports Batteries – Install Guide

For all of you who have purchased or looking into the Shorai Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, here’s an easy to understand install video direct from Shorai! These batteries are small, so they require the use of foam spacers. And since they’re not direct OEM Battery replacements, you may need to modify or tweak your connections to make it work. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. This visual guide should show you everything you need to know about the installation process.

And it’s totally worth the effort!

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