Shorai Charger for LFX Batteries Sho-BMS01 is a Charge/Store dedicated battery managment system that is designed specifically for Shorai batteries.  This charger has a 2 amp max charge rate, and it connects to your Shorai battery through the BMS 5 pin port on the LFX batteries.  The charger has a selector for full charge, and for long term storage.  Universal input of 100/240vac, 50/60 Hz makes this charger usable world wide.

The BMS01 Store Mode is specifically configured to maintain Shorai LFX batteries at their optimum levels during long term storage.  When the Store mode is activated, the charger will bring the battery to an 80% level, and leave it there until the battery reaches 60%, at which point it will bring it back up to 80%.  The 60-80% range is the ideal for LFX battery storage.  The Charge mode of the BMS01 charger will bring the battery level up to 100% charge.
  • 100v to 240v ac 50/60 Hz Input
  • Store Mode for maximum battery life during long-term storage
  • Charge Mode and Long Term Storage
  • Battery connection cables for 6v and 12v Batteries

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