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Made in the USA

BatteryStuff is dedicated to offering the best battery related products available in the world. We would prefer that all our products were made here in the USA, but economic reality is not so. That being said, we are constantly evaluating … Continue reading

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AE Light Tactical 200 Lumen Emergency Light BSPI-B

Need a flashlight? The AE Light P.I. is a versatile flashlight that will maximize efficiency with law enforcement, inspection, recreational activities, bicycle headlight applications, or just as an emergency back up. This small flashlight fits in the palm of your … Continue reading

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Fuel treatements. Why Bother?

More and more lately there has been a lot of talk about long term fuel storage and preservation. There are many situations where fuel storage and restoration need to be considered, like when equipment is put into storage more than … Continue reading

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Preview DirtWise Advanced Instructional DVD Volume #2

Shane Watts is a renown Enduro Champion, and a personal friend of ours. He knows how to ride! Check out a preview of his Dirt Wise instructional DVD from the Academy of Off-Road Riding. Don’t forget to check out his … Continue reading

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Pulse Tech Xtreme Charger

Xtreme Charge is well suited to both AGM and other Maintenance free batteries. The Combination of Patented Pulse technology and the patented charging algorithm will typically allow it to more completely charge all regular and high performance batteries, while also … Continue reading

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Does Starting My Motorcycle in the Winter Charge the Battery?

While starting your bike every few weeks in the winter may be good for the mechanics of it, it could end up harming your battery. Here’s why: Your vehicle’s charging system does not truly ramp up until it gets far … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Batteries

You ever have a project or an idea that you know will be great, but just can’t seem to get your act together enough to get it off the ground? C’mon, admit it, you know what I am talking about. … Continue reading

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